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call quality monitoring and evaluation

“The versatility of Q-Survey’s Inbound, Outbound, Dial-In and Web-Survey options make it the perfect customer feedback tool. And now my agent’s scores include feedback from our customers!”

SOLUTIONS: CALL RECORDING: Call Quality Monitoring and Evaluation

The SoundRecall™ Performance Management module leverages IP/analogue/T1-PRI/digital station ports on your PBX/ACD system to capture conversations for call quality monitoring. Recording schedules can be randomized to capture call samples throughout the agents shift. Recordings are then stored on the central server, in a WAV file format, and accessible to any team leader or quality evaluator via a web browser.

As calls are captured, they become immediately available for quality review from any team lead/evaluator designated workstation. An HTML-based call quality monitoring evaluation form is linked to the recorded conversation for supervisors to easily score/evaluate the call. The agent’s score is tabulated immediately and saved for further reporting/ data mining.

With creative and affordable integration methods, the engineers at SoundNotes have developed sophisticated Voice Algorithms and a variety of compression techniques to capture calls “from Hello to Goodbye and beyond” while reducing the size of recording files, minimizing space requirements for file storage and eliminating the need for expensive CTI integrations where simple recordings will do. Integration method depends on business application and budget.

• Web based access to system for call quality monitoring and review
• Free customization of agent evaluation forms
• Rules based schedule – calls per agent as required
• Schedule by hour, day, week, month up to 5 years in advance
• Integrate with your Workforce Management system (WFM)
• One-click evaluate/email file for review
• Integrate with customer feedback via web/voice
• Intelligent cataloguing of recordings/evaluation results


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